Our Vision is to become the Leading Organization in Information Security and Research Services in the GCC and Middle East. In achieving this feat, Hemaya believes that investing in human capital is our best bet. By doing so, we not only plan to engage the very best talent in the field but also provide the very best services for our customers.

As we come closer to our vision, we also understand that diversification will play a huge part in our ability to add value to our clients. As a result, we already cater to a number of clients and provide diversified portfolio for our clients to choose from. It is this very feature that will give us an edge over our competition in the near future and be the fulfillment of our vision.


Our Mission is to be innovative in our efforts to provide network and system security to our customers while retaining the confidentiality of our customers to the utmost. Being innovative however, carries several connotations in a field where constant innovation is the only way to survive. Our innovation is focused around the needs of our customers and the demands that they put forward and not just what our capabilities are.

In doing so, we find ways not just to satisfy our customers better but also to constantly challenge ourselves. This further paves the way for our innovative capacity and we learn to manage our efforts in providing system security better than we already do. Our mission fulfillment therefore depends a great deal on not just our capabilities but also our customers’ wants.


Hemaya believes in the importance of diversification and helps its customers receive multiple solution at one avenue. In doing so, it offers multiple solutions in various dimensions to reach out to its customer base. From security awareness training to consultation to outsourcing, Hemaya provides every solution in an effective manner.

With the help of our trained and qualified consultants, we also advise organizations in their Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans to ensure smooth operations. A Business Continuity Plan highlights the course of action that the organization is to take in the foreseeable future to achieve the objectives of the organization.

However, it is obvious that no organization will be able to get complete results from those plans because of deviation. As a result, for occasions when Disasters do occur that render your computer system capabilities compromised, a Disaster Recovery Plan comes into play to restore normal working conditions and achieving Business Continuity all over again.

We further help with our understanding of the ISO 27001 and educate about Information Security Policy and Procedure while detailing about Security Compliance.

However old the medium of communicating through emails might be, it has established itself as an excellent one and cannot be disregarded even in this era of technological advancement. An email communication is perhaps the most widely opted for, easy to use, and cost effective communication channel – not only within the organization itself, but also between the company and its consumers. However, this communication medium does not come without a plethora of risks.

Given that emails are one of the most used channels for viruses to reach you and for malicious parties to gain access, we provide out services in countering this aspect. We create Secure Email gateways for your organization so that all your sensitive information remains confidential. In doing so, we make use of multi-layered detection engines and intelligence to keep your data secure from any malicious parties.

It is vital that an organization use a specialized information relay portal without any third-party information because the information being traded carries huge implications for the organization. If the information is compromised, the results can be devastating for the organization and put its future in jeopardy. To avoid any security mishaps, it is always necessary to be cautious – especially when it comes to emails.

But using a dedicated portal also carries advantages in terms of information flow and ease of access to company contacts. This ensures faster flow and creates a system to maximize efficiency in the organization.

We are firm believers of the fact that Caution is better than cure. Rather than finding ways to set something right after the damage is done, we believe in eliminating all possible risks before they have a chance to put you under unsavory circumstances. This does not only save you a lot of time and energy, but also takes a huge burden off of any company’s shoulders.

We therefore provide our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services to highlight the loopholes and issues in your system and cater to them before anyone could exploit them. These include Testing for vulnerabilities in Network, Wireless, Application and Website.

If you really think about it, the VAPT is actually built into the Software Development Lifecycle. This lifecycle has separate steps designed for the entire testing phase before a software is deployed. This phase deals with checking the software for any loopholes before deployment and correcting them (if any).

Another very important channel for viruses and malicious involvement to start is a website. Hemaya specializes in not only protecting your website from attacks under DDoS and Brute Force but also in cleaning hacked site. We also offer our support for websites that are blacklisted by Google or Disabled by Host. Website security has multiple dimensions.

Firstly, it allows your organization to avoid any external interference and hence increasing productivity and effectiveness while saving time in countering any threats.

Secondly, it saves your loyal customers from any hackers that might use your website as a channel to get to these visitors. This makes your organization more trustworthy and promotes a feeling of goodwill in the market associated with you. It persuades your audience to keep doing business with you rather than taking it elsewhere, and hence, makes sure that your customer base stays intact.

Thirdly, website security is one of the most essential features that help your customers trust your website. When your customers notice that you are putting due efforts into making sure your website stays protected, they will automatically assume that you are a genuine organization that is here to stay. This conveniently puts away any doubts that they might have towards the integrity and trustworthiness of your organization.

Lastly, an unsecure website is loathed by customers and they leave out negative reviews at forums to save other customers from your website. Of course, this is something that no corporation can afford. Even a single negative review can decide whether you get that huge order from a skeptical consumer, or it goes to your biggest competitor in the business. In essence, with the negative feedback of these unsatisfied customers, your entire website and business are killed.

Our Unified Security Management Services are tailored to provide your company with the best security across the entire organization. We offer powerful threat detection and response system and ensure compliance throughout management, be it on cloud, premises or hybrid environment.

Hemaya is the one stop shop you have been looking for to tend to all your security concerns. We provide you with the best security services and protection from every kind of technological threat at a single place! What’s more is that this package can be specially catered to you keeping your individual security needs in mind!

This is not just beneficial for your business focus on its core competence but helps you save time by finding an entire solution at one space. Not having to run around to find separate solutions or deal with each aspect of your system separately can be time consuming and draining for your organizations. Not to forget the financial costs that you incur by availing each solution separately. So, you find a one stop solution at low costs. What more could your organization want.

As organizations grow and diversify, one issue that constantly stems up is that organizations cannot find the right balance between focusing on their core competence and managing other programs. Through our outsourcing services, we allow these organizations to focus completely on their core competence while we handle your security concerns for you.

This is another example of how Hemaya works to help your business achieve maximum effectiveness. Again, doing so with cost-cutting ideas. How, you ask? The general idea with outsourcing is to avoid all the hassle of acquiring a certain skillset or hiring a team that possesses that skillset. By outsourcing with Hemaya, you avoid all the hassle and the financial costs associated with that hassle and get expertise at cost effective rates.

Outsourcing through Hemaya does not only help you save a ton of money, but we also ensure that your company gets the best of the best. We find the perfect fit for your organization in terms of professionals in all fields – no matter how rare your requirement may be. We pride ourselves on always getting you associated with the best in the business, with experts who maintain the Hemaya standard.

Security Awareness is one of the top-priorities of an organization. It must enable its employees to not only understand security but also to help them work with it. In doing so, the employees must be trained with the security protocols in place so that they can keep carrying on their work with the same level of efficiency but in a secure environment.

With the technological advancement that can be seen in today’s world, all successful businesses must now maintain a virtual presence along with their physical one. This has made data a vulnerable and valuable corporate asset that needs to be protected at all times. Thefts and scams are often common with corporations that fail to educate their employees with sufficient security awareness training.

We offer these training services with our trained and qualified consultants. We offer security awareness training for Top Management, Technical Security Awareness and General Security Awareness. Keeping in mind that technical jargons can throw the audience off the topic, we emphasize the use of non-technical and easy to understand terms to explain our points.

We make sure that we impart this training at the level of a layman who is not very tech savvy. We make it a point to ensure that each and every employee of a corporation can fully comprehend the message of our qualified trainers – whether he is the head of IT or a fresh intern. This guarantees effective awareness and hence enhanced effectiveness on part of employees at work.